Farewell Sweetie

Morning of January 22, 2009, we’ve lost our lovely poodle Sweetie.

After clocking in at school, I drove back home and parked my motorbike. I went inside the house to grab my backpack and stuff for school and suddenly heard Tita Tess calling me with an unusual loud voice.  I replied “Yes!”  On my way out of the house.” I looked at Tita Tess and she seems  a bit disturbed of what she’s looking at toward the school. And when she looked at me, she spoke of just one word “Sweetie”.  I hurried out and saw Sweetie lying on the pavement with no movement at all.  I then quickly dropped my stuff and rushed to check on her and realized that she’s gone.  The people around who saw the incident said that Sweetie was hit by a car, probably on her way going home after she followed Chynkee to school around 7:50am.

It’s a sorrowful day for us, especially for Chynkee, since sweetie has been her baby and bestfriend for almost 3 years.  We’ve buried Sweetie together in the garden that same day at noon.  We’ve said our goodbye to her and that we’re very thankful for the wonderful memories she’s left us and the happy moments that the three of us have shared together.  Farewell to you our beloved Sweetie. We’ll miss u and we’ll never forget you.


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